Thank You Chrissy Teigen…


Chrissy Teigen recently gave birth to her baby boy, Miles Theodore and I am overjoyed for her and her family.  I have so much love for the way she lives her best Mom life with so much transparency.  Chrissy Teigen- I adore you and not in a creepy way- in a grateful way and let me count they ways….

I love you  for one of your first post Baby Miles post – a shot in your mesh panties! I have been waiting for this moment!! YEEESSSS! While we’re at it, thanks for tweeting a picture of the perineal irrigation bottle you bought as your “push present to yourself” to keep your lady parts taken care of after you gave birth to Luna. These are things I just didn’t think about during my pregnancy – the POST pregnancy stuff – like your tweet about going home in diapers too. EXACTLY – who knew?! I mean -I knew… but I couldn’t seem to get my mind to think past the labor and delivery part.  I remember getting a post baby tutorial on my new vagina in the hospital. With my shaky legs hovered over the toilet bowl, the nurse instructed me on how to irrigate my beat up parts and showed me the basket of mom diapers and fishnet (?) undies next to me. I really just could not have imagined that moment.Thanks for educating the world. I saw your Mothers Day post one month post partum and you were rocking JEAN shorts-  so your self care game is on point lady. I was sticking to yoga pants for a solid 2 months. Ouchy. Since you’ve tweeted Baby Miles spared you a tear to your booty- you could be in those jean shorts by the weekend lady!

And Chrissy- Thank you for letting non celebrity moms know that you have help in your life that makes it a little easier to get yourself looking good. Thanks for going on the Today show and saying   “We have nutritionists, we have dietitians, we have trainers, we have our own schedules, we have nannies. We have people who make it possible for us to get back into shape. But nobody should feel like that’s normal, or like that’s realistic.”  Thanks to you I can look at myself and say , “you have none of these things – not even your mom in town, and you’re looking pretty good for being over 40 with your drug store cosmetics just trying to do a few sit ups everyday.” There’s this idea that after you grow a person inside of you and go through labor and delivery, the most impressive thing you can be is thin, toned, in shape, and perfect. As if everything we’ve gone through isn’t beautiful enough and worthy of praise. Caring for a person is apparently second fiddle to ending up on a magazine cover showing off your post baby body as if to say Congrats – you’re back to normal again, you are so worthy of our approval!!

I can’t gush about you without talking about your love for food and cooking and eating. I so enjoy your recipe testing process and your guilty pleasure posts. Doritos Locos Taco, your perfect Dutch baby, and a pork chop with breakfast….I like how you live! There was a time in my life in my teens and twenties when I only ate in secret and could never have imagined taking a photo of food and posting it on social media (or even imagining wtf social media was). As a teenager, I thought being thin was the most important thing in life. I was obsessed with the scale, had eating disorders and a really unhealthy relationship with food.  Any joy in eating made me feel shame. I didn’t want to admit to liking food or eating food; I was all “no thank you” if I was at a party or out to eat. Food was something private that happened alone in the dark with just myself. I think one of the reasons I fell for my husband was because we cooked for eachother, (him more than me I’ll admit) , and enjoyed food together. It’s one of those simple joys. Obviously you don’t start everyday with fries dipped in ranch and your husband’s fried chicken, but you are open about your appreciation for a Shake Shack burger and I live for those moments Chrissy Teigen!  Woman- you are healing my inner child and saving teenage girls everywhere.

And Chrissy, thank you for opening up about post partum depression. I read your essay in Glamour magazine and was moved to tears. You shined a light on something that has left so many people in the dark for so long. I so admire you for your candor. You have saved lives by opening up that’s for sure. Motherhood is so wonderful and joyful- but can also be so isolating and lonely- all the while there’s a part of you saying “I don’t want to feel like this…I shouldn’t feel like this..” I was not diagnosed with post partum but I experienced dark days (and honestly still do), where I just feel alone and don’t value myself as I should.  I am so sorry you went through this, but there is comfort knowing that no Mom is alone that is suffering because I think that’s the worst part- the what’s wrong with me part…as if it’s only you. With social media, people tend to only show their most perfect moments, but you have used it to show your picture perfect moments and the real ones.  I could go on and on but I’m a totally normal person and I don’t want you to think I’m completely crazy-But seriously from the deepest parts of my soul THANK YOU. Thank you for always being your beautiful authentic self . Never change Chrissy Teigen…Never ever change…The Moms of the world need you right now.





*Photo from Miguel Reveriego for Glamour magazine



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