Christmas Cards and Coupon Codes

It’s that time of year again…you’ve finally recovered from Thanksgiving and you’re already receiving Holiday cards in the mail. Did you do yours yet? Did you already do your ethereal forest photo shoot with angels riding on freaking unicorns and sprinkling your family  with snowflakes while little elves serve you hot chocolate ?  No?  You didn’t? Me neither. Everyone knows you need to to be finished with that by Halloween if you want to use it for your card!  You have to edit and face tune and switch your kid’s head  out from another photo shoot all together to create the perfect photo to match your perfect social media feed right?  But if you’re like me, you’ve waited too long and now you’re up to the wee hours of the morning trying to get your card order in before the sale ends in 3 hours and 7 minutes that’s flashing on your computer screen as you keep entering coupon codes that have “already been applied” to your $200 (are you effing kidding me) order ….codes that “cannot be combined with another offer”.  The truth is, there will be another sale the next day and about 4 coupons in your e-mail tomorrow!  (or your  Supermom Boss Babe Sister will log into your account and miraculously get your bill reduced by half because she’s some sort of on line/deal getting whiz or has a secret life on the dark web for all I know…)

For me, I stopped trying to do photo shoots with Issy. I used to dress her up like a doll and prop her up on a boppy and literally do nothing but snap away and have hundreds, or… you know …15 shots to choose from . But after 2 years, she wouldn’t  sit still and I found I  needed a production team to support me to make her pose and smile. For the second year in a row, I have opted for the Santa photo. Yep… Before I had a child, I vowed I wouldn’t support the myth of Santa with the over commercialization of Christmas and instead focus on the season of giving and sprinkle in some baby Jesus knowledge here and there, but that’s about as easy as trying to keep your kid away from tons of processed sugar and a love for blue icing, (go ahead… try to be that way when you’re at a birthday party every Saturday for all eternity)   Also, God knows we need to be able to use Santa to threaten our kids with no toys or we will never get through the end of the year!  “Santa is Watching” has replaced “I’m calling Daddy” as the new power play move when I  find myself in a deadlock during daily child parent negotiations  for the month of December. Santa is how teeth get brushed, veggies get eaten, and toys get put away. Once “Santa is Watching” starts to lose it power, then you move onto Elf on the Shelf and fill your Instagram and Facebook feeds with your creatively staged scenes. (I’m talking about you my dear sister…) If that’s the case, you likely have a Christmas Card with a photo in a forest with unicorns…I’m not quite there yet, but …there’s always next year!


They take the picture, you pick your package, and get a USB. That’s the way to go!


Then Your Sister helps you make this for a good price while caring for 3 kids and making dinner…


Thanks Elizabeth!